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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

It's not a proper house

It did make me laugh when my mum said to me, 'it's not a proper house' because it's a bungalow.

Mine and Paul's first home together was an apartment in Salford Quays - Media City. We loved it! We loved the layout, so to us a Bungalow is perfect and i think with this particular bungalow the ideas we have are going to work well together to make a cosy yet contemporary family home.

The plot we have gives us the opportunity to extend in the near future but for now we are concentrating on updating and adding our own touch to the main house.

It's so exciting for us to be able to add own our stamp on the entire house as every room needs updating, so Paul particularly has been working really hard at weekends and late nights on stripping the house back to just a shell.

Got the Keys

It has always been my dream to move back to Cheshire. I miss the countryside, village life and the schools are excellent.

I kept looking at this Bungalow, I loved how it was hidden away on the photos by it's mature garden. We eventually went for a viewing, saw so much potential and it's in our ideal location. After a few more viewings and some offers thrown back and forth, sold! It was ours!

On a very exciting Saturday we went into the village to collect our keys, followed by a cup of tea and teacake at our new local coffee shop.


Oh Hello!

Hello there,
Well 'hangs head in shame' it's been awhile and i've pretty much failed at my first attempt of starting a Blog but i'm back and hopefully i'm not going to be as useless this time round!

A-lot has changed for me since starting my Blog, Paul and I have a beautiful daughter called Summer who is now 16months old. We are enjoying every minute of being parents (can't wait for teething to be over though! It lasts forever....).
I am still working at Planet Eclipse but now only part-time as i want to spend as much time as i can being a mummy.

My main focus for my blog is going to be sharing our new project with you, our new house! Very exciting and hoping to be in for Christmas!


Friday, 2 October 2009

Jasmine Tea, Chicken Feet & Live Jazz!

I have just returned from a trip with work to Taiwan and China, also stayed a few days in Hong Kong for a mini break to do some sightseeing!

After a long flight (which involved some funny sleeping activities, the ability not being able to speak and thirsty zombie arms!) from London to Hong Kong we flew onto Taiwan.
The stay in Taipei, Taiwan was great but too short! It's a great place. If you ever get the chance to go watch out for the scooters, they are everywhere and pedestrians don't have the right of way!
After a long day working till about 11pm we went for HotPot (photo on the left) which is a meal where you cook your food yourself on the table and you can pick how spicy you would like the sauce which is like a soup. We chose medium spicy and wow! It's a spice that creeps up on you and gradually gets hotter and hotter.
Next day we went to the Taiwan 101 Building for our lunch which is a lovely building with some fantastic shops and places to eat inside.

That night we flew back to Hong Kong and drove into China, to get into China you have to go through the China Border where your identity and health is checked, particularly your temperature to see if you are or getting sick.
First stay was in Dongguan, China. Chinese Dim Sum restrauant for breakfast is definitely an experience as you walk to your table you pass the live fish which are waiting to be cooked (i'm not really sure if it is necessary to see what you are going to eat before it's cooked), once seated your cup is constantly filled with Jasmine Tea which is lovely and a great pick me up. So many times i have been to Chinese Restaurants in Manchester and ordered Green Tea then bought myself some at the supermarket to have at home and it never tastes the same. I now know it's Jasmine Tea they serve you, not Green Tea. I recommend it!! Sorry back to the breakfast experience, our Dim Sums start arriving in the centre of the table some of which look edible and some are questionable especially the Chicken Feet! I was still 'waking up' so not very talkative unlike everyone else in the restrauant who were talking and shouting non-stop!! Not the place to go for a peaceful breakfast.. After breakfast it was straight to work.
Late Afternoon we were taken to visit the Beach and then to a Seafood Restaurant where again you can see the live fish and you get to pick which you would like to eat. When the food was served it was actually well presented and tasted really nice but the restaurant was disgusting. It was very dirty including the tanks where the fish were kept, the thought of the restaurant for a few days after made me feel a bit queazy even though i was never ill from the food.

At the end of the week when we had finished working and meeting with suppliers we drove back to Hong Kong for a few days break and sightseeing.
I absolutely loved Hong Kong and can't wait to go back some day!
A Typhoon had just passed, the next day they had a monsoon it was constantly raining and very windy but it didn't stop us sightseeing.
My friend Janet met us and showed us around, we went to Stanley which is at the very bottom of Hong Kong, it has fantastic views and scenery. It was very lush! Janet took us around the Markets in Stanley, i was on the hunt for a painting to take back with me as i love the style of Chinese Painting 'Ink and Wash' and thought there is no better place to get one. I eventually found a beautiful original painting which is now hanging in my Living Room.
We then travelled back up to Kowloon across the harbor in the Star Ferry, we walked passed the clock tower and the avenue of stars.
We also visited the Ladies Market for street snacks (see the photo on the right) and more shopping! We found a great boutique shop where they made gorgeous one-off dresses in lovely fabric but only in one size which luckily fit me!
After a busy day we had a well deserved bottle of Red Wine in the famous Ned Kelly's live jazz bar which was fantastic! Great atmosphere!

The next day was spent doing some more walking and sightseeing, we walked around the local Kowloon Park which was very close to our Hotel and in the evening we enjoyed the Harbor Light show before catching our flight home!

It was a fantastic trip, i am extremely lucky to experience the culture in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. I could keep on writing as there is much much more to say, so many more stories but i wanted to keep it reasonably short. Thank you for reading!

Monday, 16 February 2009

NoPattern/Chuck Anderson

An amazing artist! His work and collaborations are awesome, recognized instantly. A few of my favorites are posted below, bringing photography to life!

Photo treatments for Lodown Magazine, Feb/March 2007 Issue.
Photography: Till Becker

Photo treatment for cover of Vapors Magazine with James Lavelle.

Ads for Reebok's 'KOLORS' campaign. Appeared in VIBE, The Source, Complex, and more.

Soooo Cool! I love this Burton Snowboarding Jacket, i saw it at the ISPO in Munich last February before it came out in the shops and knew Chuck was behind it! Your going to instantly look cool on the slopes!
Check out more of Chuck Anderson's work http://www.nopattern.com/ ..Enjoy!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Daunting task...

I've never been scared of so much white space before!

Hi! I'm Katie Woods and this is my first ever post. It's a daunting task thinking what to write but i guess a little bit about me would be a good start! I live in Manchester and i'm working as a designer for a Paintball Company called Planet Eclipse. I'm very girly and i love art & design. My aim with this blog is to share a mix of my work, likes and personal life with you. I'm going to leave this post short and sweet, but there is more to come! xx